sena-top-men-2Sanjay Raut, Dagdu Sakpal and Eknath Shinde – the top three Sena men of the city have been made in charge of the NMMC Elections to be held in March this year. Will the trio revive the Shiv Sena’s fortune in Navi Mumbai overcoming internal differences and factions is a wait and watch, reports Monika Bhosale. The NMMC Elections might just be another municipal election but those who know better understand how crucial these elections are. After all it’s the municipal corporations and the seats that each party has in the corporation that forms the yardstick of allotting candidatures during assembly elections. And that’s why political parties are taking the municipal elections anything but lightly. While the ruling front is in full force having won the parliamentary elections and assembly elections both, the opposition knows that they are up against the might of NCP Supremo Ganesh Naik unlike ever before. Perhaps that’s why Shiv Sena has roped in its three of its top men to head the Sena campaign for the municipal elections. The trio MP Sanjay Raut, MLA Eknath Shinde and former MLA Dagdu Sakpal were in the city at the Sena party office at Vashi to begin the preparatory work for the elections. Dagdu Sakpal informed that like other elections, their election strategy would depend upon the strategy of opposition party. Shiv Sena’s Vijay Chougule lost both the parliamentary and assembly elections. During the assembly elections indifferences within the Shiv Sena started surfacing and all came out in the open when Vijay Chougule addressed his first public rally in Airoli after his defeat in assembly polls and blamed many Shiv Sena office bearers for selling their loyalties to the NCP. However, Dagdu Sakpal refuted all talks of any internal differences within the Navi Mumbai Shiv Sena party. Denying any changes in party workers, he said that they would now be focusing only on the upcoming municipal elections. This is the second time that Dagdu Sapkal has been brought in for monitoring the campaign for municipal elections in Navi Mumbai. He along with MP Sanjay Raut and Eknath Shinde are likely to form a forceful trio but will they mend the in-differences within the Navi Mumbai Shiv Sena and take on the might on Ganesh Naik to secure a good number of seats in NMMC Elections 2010 is a wait and watch. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Monica Bhosale for NMTV News.


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