Karave-4The pond at Karave village which is one of the oldest pond of the city has today become target of NMMC’s negligence and apathy. One of the oldest villages of the city is Karave village situated at Nerul. A pond which is 100 years old can be found in this village. This pond is famously known as the Ganesh pond. But NMMC’s negligence and apathy towards maintaining this part of history has destroyed its very existence. Lack of maintenance has led to wild growth in the pond giving it the look of a garden. Looking back at the pages of history, this pond was not always like this. It was divided into two parts, one of a well inside the pond and one outside. Locals used to use the water for irrigation and some even used to worship the water. But the since time it has been transferred under the NMMC jurisdiction, the pond has lost its valor. The locals expressed their distress in the dying beauty of the pond. The Ganpatis of sec 48, 46, 38 and 40 in Nerul are brought here for visarjan and the deplorable condition of the pond would most affect the Ganesh devotees. Looking at the importance and significance of this historic pond of the city, NMMC is spending a mere Rs 48000 for its cleaning work. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Archana Triptahi for NMTV News.

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