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11 year old schoolgirl goes in coma after being assaulted in school in Abu Dhabi

Parents of 11 year old Loujain Hussain of class seven std are still trying to recover from the shock of the assault that their daughter had to go through after she was been badly beaten up by a group of fourth std boys, which resulted in brain hemorrhage and sending her into coma after going through an operation to stop the nerves from bleeding.

According to eye witnesses, Loujain was with her friend when a fourth std. boy pushed her against a wall. As she was trying to regain herself she again stumbled against another fourth std. which made him angry, and then a group of boys got together and started beating her up. Loujain who was short and slim became an easy target, as the boys started kicking and beating her everywhere. One of them got hold of a glass bottle and hit her on her head, neck and back with it.

The violence and indiscipline within the school premises definitely is shocking, but what is more shocking is that despite there were teachers and school staffs present at the time the incident took place, still they didn’t try to control or stop the situation. And because of this reason Loujain’s father has filed a case against Al Ma’ali International Private School at Mussafa Police Station for their negligence and irresponsibility. Although the school council and administration themselves are trying to investigate and understand what has happened, a team from the Private School and Quality Assurance Sector is also dispatched to the school for deep investigations.

At the present moment everybody is trying to shift blames on each other, what exactly had happened will come to light only when Loujain Hussain recovers from her coma and will relate the whole incident herself. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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