thane-police-2The cops of the Thane Police Commissionerate who were transferred during the 10th Thane Lok Sabha polls are yet to take charge. Of the 197 police officers transferred, 184 officers have been appointed in their place. Of these 184 cops, only 67 are on a leave while 117 are yet to take charge pushing responsibilities on a smaller force. In the midst of the crucial 10th Thane Lok Sabha by polls, even former Thane Police Commissioner D Sivanandan was transferred. Very close to his transfer another 197 cops were transferred that had ruffled feathers in the Thane Police force. The transfer orders were issued after the State Home Ministry received a clearance from the election commission. These transfers included 24 APIs, 144 police sub inspectors. Against the 197 officials transferred, only 145 officials were appointed at the commissionerate earlier and now 39 more have been appointed. Since majority of the officials that have been posted in the Thane Police Commissionerate are either on leave or yet to take charge, the responsibilities of law and order have been pushed on a comparatively smaller force. The Thane Police Commissioner however, refused to comment on the subject. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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