Goonj-1The BMM students of Swami Vivekananda College at Chembur are setting examples of sorts. The journalists in the making release their college newsletter “Goonj” highlighting the social issues of the area besides being student centric. Call it the Rang de Basanti effect but there has been a phenomenal change in the youth today after Rang De Basanti’s released. The youth today has learnt a lesson that no book or teacher or politician could do. And the lesson is definitely about patriotism – standing up and doing something for the country. Not just complaining that everything in this country is useless but to see that each one of us is responsible for the current state of affairs. And has the power to start effecting a change. This reflects in Goonj – the newsletter of the BMM students of Swami Vivekananada College at Chembur. The magazibe is just not about college affairs, it is about issues and social topics pertaining to the city. The students, ably guided by their teachers, distribute 1000 copies of Goonj to media houses, authorities and several others – in order to touch all the sections. Moving with time and making goonj a platform for students to experience reporting at the college level is the aim of incorporating serious issues, added another student. Reporters shares their experience. Though the newsletter looks like a professional attempt, a professor says that the students can still improve.

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