mahabhulekh-site-2For all those who wish to invest in property like a flat in the city or even land and do not know where to solve queries of ownership, the Office of Settlement Commissioner and Land Records has launched a website just for you. The website launched by the Office of Settlement Commissioner and Land Records is Anyone who logs on to this website can access records of 22 million agricultural plots and 5.6 million urban properties. However, ensure that you have the correct survey number of the particular plot you want to have details off. Presently, the enquiries might face a few troubles, as the information on the web site cannot be viewed universally since the founts are not compatible with all software. This is because the website has information in Marathi, the language in which the land records have been made. The Office of the Settlement Commissioner and Land Records has downloaded all the ownership and agriculture-related records on the web site launched last month. More than 25 lakh records of rights on agricultural land have been accessed in the past two months, to confirm ownership. The Office of Settlement Commissioner and Land Records department has already earned Rs 9 crore in revenue. The dept. has ensured that any change in ownership of land can be updated locally by an authorized official. And the records cannot be tampered with by anybody. The commissionerate has uploaded almost all details of land records – history of sale of a particular plot, crops taken on an agricultural plot, whether the piece of land has been mortgaged and the likes. An amendment has also been made to the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code to give legal status to the computerized land record. The web site also makes it possible for landowners to get a copy of the 7/12 extract that is the document of ownership of land without facing the hassles of going to the local revenue office. However, while anybody can get a printout of details of a particular plot, if he wants the document for legal purposes it needs to be authenticated at the tehsildar office. The website will definitely help buyers and investors to ensure that they are not being cheated while buying land and know that they are dealing with the actual owners.


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