Without prior information, 35 workers have been given termination notice by the administration of PKC Hospital, alleged the union to the media. Speaking to Milind Tambe, the employees said that the administration is conspiring to shut down the hospital permanently. The 35 workers employees shown the door at PKC Hospital at Vashi were working as cleaners, sweepers, ward boys, nurses and the likes. The decision of the management of the hospital to remove has left them shocked. They say that they worked whole-heartedly at the hospital, sometimes even three shifts in a row. The workers seldom complained about the fact that instead of being paid according to the pay commission, their pay scales were upto Rs. 2500 per month only. For the last several years, the workers were demanding a change in uniforms but were shocked to hear about the termination notice instead one day when they arrived at work. Helpless workers have no choice but to stand outside the hospital premises awaiting a change in decision somehow soon. The workers allege that even the patients are being shifted to other hospitals and the doors of the hospitals has been closed prohibiting the workers to meet the management. They say that all this is being done with the intent of shutting down PKC hospital permanently. The attempts to contact the hospital administration proved futile.

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