sim-card-2Till September 2008, the department of telecom (DoT) had detected 3,18,043 cases of SIM cards being issued without proper verification. The issue was raised by Communication and Information technology Minister Gurudas Kamat who stated that despite the government directing cellphone operators not to activate any connection without conducting a proper check, the same was rampant in the city. Such SIM cards are a huge security hazard as was demonstrated during the 26/11 terror attacks when Pakistani gunmen used local cellphones to stay in touch with their masterminds in Pakistan. Most cellphone companies have, however, remained lax in implementing the verification procedures. If any SIM card is found to be issued without proper verification, the cellphone operator concerned must pay a minimum penalty of Rs 1,000 per violation. Any person selling SIM cards will have to record that he has seen the subscriber and has verified his documents with the originals.

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