nmmc-water-bill-1NMMC has sent notices to several housing societies in Navi Mumbai which have passed the limit of water usage. While learning from the experiences of MCGM, water rich NMMC, which has three sources of water, is now acting stringent against the housing societies which have crossed the predefined limit of water usage. At present there are 2,250 Housing Societies, which fall into jurisdiction of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Ideally one family is anticipated to use 1 unit, which is 1000 liter per day. However due to lack of regulation, common societies have already surpassed the limits. The current tariff charged by NMMC is Rs 4.75 paise for water usage, but the unrestrained water wastage may put NMMC at risk in the coming decades. To curb the wastage of water, NMMC has rounded 1,200 housing societies. NMMC is in the process of sending notices to these societies out of which 450 societies have already been sent notices. NMMC Executive Engineer Sanjay Desai informed that around 200 notices were sent to societies in KK and AIroli alone. The societies have been served two months notice period. If in the given period, the societies fail to comply or regulate the exceeding usage of water supply, then they will be charged double the tariff rate as a penalty. Sanjay Desai informed that a special software was developed which helped them to get the accurate data of water used by each society. With cameraperson Raju Sharma and Deepak Kamble, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV News.


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