Reports from the PRS Legislative Research shows that not many Members of Parliament are keen on debates and discussions at the Parliament. The recent held parliament session of the winter season shows a 65% attentance of MPs. Parliament clocked 65% attendance in the winter session but only 14 of the 26 bills listed were passed. PRS Legislative Research found 34% of MPs, who had to raise questions were not present in the House when the question was called. Although many major issues, including sugarcane prices, climate change, price rise and the Liberhan report were discussed, 48% of the MPs didn’t participate, analysts said. Of those who spoke, 25% MPs pitched in during one or two debates and only 3% participated in more than 10 debates,” the report says. A similar pattern was found in Rajya Sabha, where 50% of the MPs did not participate in debates and one per cent spoke in more than 10 debates. The total productive time in Lok Sabha was 106 hours, and 102 hours in Rajya Sabha.


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