standing-1The NMMC Standing Committee this week saw the retirement of 8 members from the Standing Committee. The retirement procedure was held as the members have completed one year in the standing committee. The NMMC Standing Committee saw the retirement of eight members from the standing committee which included NCP’s Chandrakant Patil, Suraj Patil, Vinayak Madhvi, Prabhakar Bhoir and Sneha Palka, From Shiv Sena, Saroj Patil and Vijanand Mane were retired while from Congress Pranali Lad. The procedure of retirement was held through the lottery system as per the BMC Act 23. The lottery was held in the presence of NMMC Secretary Chandrakant Deokar and NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Anant Sutar. Under the lottery system, the 16 members picked out chits that decided whether they will continue their tenure as standing committee members or retire from it. The secretary then opened each chit and announced the names of the members, in which eight were in while the other eight were retired. The members whose seat was safe were NCP’s Anant Sutar, Shivram Patil, Sandeep Sutar, Ashok Patil, Ramesh Shinde, Suresh Kulkarni, Sena’s Silip Ghodekar and Congress’s Dashrath Bhagat. The retired members will continue their tenure till 30 April and in the month of May the new eight members will be selected in the NMMC General Body. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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