danc-3And in our special feature today we have a six year old dancer, Vedika Kakde. While learning to dance is very common at this age, what would amaze you is her style of dancing as Vedika can dance on her toes. Meet Airoli based wonder child Vedika Kakde, who is a little karisma in herself. Despite being just 6 years old she dances on her toes. Vedika started dancing in this unique style since she was 8 months old. With utmost vigour and swiftness, she moves on Hindi songs and that too on her toes without loosing her balance. She can maintain her poise constantly for 7 minutes. Till date she has staged many competitive performances despite being so juvenile. Even as a child, Vedika had the habit of running around on her toes and gradually she picked it up on her own. Like any other ordinary child Vedika indulges in studying, drawing and playing. And while Vedika has an inborn talent of dancing, it is also runs in the family as her mother was very fond of dancing in her times. Small step towards door-lock converted her routine of walking on toes into dancing. Her supportive family is planning to register her name into Limka Book of World Record for her amazing keenness. With cameraperson Kala Jadhav, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV news.

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