_kenneth-1And now an update from the Gunina – Ken Haywood case. The American national under ATS scanner in connection with Ahmedabad serial blasts, whose look-out notices were posted at all international airports, fled the country. He and his family bought a one-way ticket on Jet Airways Flight 230 flying Delhi-Brussels- JFK, New York. American national Kenneth Heywood, to whose IP address the e-mail about the Ahmedabad blasts was traced, had, in a sensational revelation, alleged that a senior police officer came to his house in a drunken state and demanded a bribe to clear his name. Heywood made this allegation in an email interview in reply to a question on how Indian investigating agencies had treated him. He has said and I quote “It has been a mixed treatment (by the police). Overall they have been great. The one senior inspector who asked for a bribe and was drunk in my home was a new low in my experience here in India,” says Heywood who has been making the rounds of the ATS office since the July 26 serial blasts in Ahmedabad. He has included this alleged incident about the bribe demand in a book that he is writing on his ordeal in India. ATS chief Hemant Karkare, when informed about the allegation, was initially at a loss for words. However, later the ATS confirmed that the said cop was an imposter who was there to extract money only. Hurt at being called corrupt by an American National, the ATS says that they will get to the bottom of this and if Kenneth knew that they were imposters, he will be booked for maligning the image of the police. Meanwhile, Kenneth Heywood has also told the media that the police in the US would have fared better in investigations like this; meaning that they would have solved the mystery of the email by now. However, ken Heywood has fled the country. The Anti-Terror Squad which was planning to sue Haywood for his allegations, came to know of his departure only on Monday morning. Haywood’s friend and legal advisor Vishal Moreshwar stated that Ken was afraid that ATS would subject him to narco test and that he feared it very much. Despite telling him that nothing would happen to him and he would soon get a clean chit, he insisted that he suspected the ATS would frame him. Sana Warsia – NMTV News.

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