hawre-2Kind hearted and always smiling – that’s the impression that eminent scientist, builder and Navi Mumbai’s BJP face Suresh Haware leaves on everyone he meets. On the eve of his birthday, NMTV brings to you a special report as we greet the dynamic Suresh Haware a very Happy Birthday. In a short span of time eminent city builder Suresh Haware has established him as a force to reckon with in Navi Mumbai. After all, it’s not everyday that someone gives a tough fight to a leader as big in stature as Ganesh Naik as he did. But Suresh Haware’s identity goes beyond just politics and construction business. Because the social face of Suresh Haware has touched the city beyond these two spheres for decades now. Tucked with an engineering degree and gold medal, Suresh Haware was a nuclear scientist in Babha Atomic Research Center. But even at that time Suresh Haware started public activities such as in Belapur in 1984 when he took the lead in naming CBD as Vivekanand Nagar and pioneered the tree planting drive in the region with CIDCO, which accounts for the green CBD that we see and feel good about, even today. Later the thirst in him to become a part of people’s everyday lives saw him become a part of the Haware Group. The group has the distinction of being the only builders who thought and made homes for the common and the poor. In fact Suresh Haware rose to public acclaim in the city with his nano housing project which made homes affordable to small budget families too, at a time when every builder was building homes only for rich people. Continuing his tryst with the common man in the region, Suresh Haware is presently championing social engineering in housing sector, in which he advocates the reconstruction of the old buildings in the city by the society members themselves to prevent the draining of huge profits from the society to the private builders. He is perhaps the only builder to start literacy centers for children of construction workers on his site and provide medical services for families of construction workers on his site. When he made a social mark in the construction industry, he decided to enter politics. He became an answer for those citizens who always wanted educated people to become a part of politics. Once in politics, he became the only leader in Navi Mumbai to start a drive against rising cost of education in the city, a wide spread problem touching almost every family in the region. Courtesy the right issues that Suresh Haware took up, he has become the tallest leader of BJP in Navi Mumbai and is credited for single-handedly reviving BJP in Navi Mumbai. Suresh Haware founded the Maharashtra Builders Association and has also sponsored almost every expo of the Navi Mumbai Builders Association since last 12 years. Suresh Haware has brought a new image of present day politicians that educated city Navi Mumbai values. He’s an icon of material success and family values who handled the most difficult of situations with composed poise, firmness and an ever smiling face. We wish Suresh Haware the best on his birthday !

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