libraryOne of the best ways to inculcate reading habits in children are through books and the best place for those are libraries. The satellite city houses many such libraries which provide an array of children books and study materials which are fun and at the same time informative. Parents make sure that during summer vacations, their child does not sit idle. They ensure that their child enrolls in some kind of activity. And one of the most sought out place for parents during holidays are libraries. Libraries do not just give a range of informative books but also inculcates reading habits something that has been lost with the invention of the idiot box. While the typical term of libraries indicate a collection of books, may libraries have gone hi-tech today and provide study materials through cds, project instruments and puzzles. We visited one such library snuggled in a cosy corner of Mahavir Dham building in sector 12, Vashi exclusively for children called Small Wonders. Stacked with books, toys, CDs and knick knacks for children, the library ‘Small Wonder’ is the perfect haven for tiny tots. The library also has special scientific products for young budding scientists. A unique factor found in libraries today is playthings and learning instruments for special children which are also in demand. There is also a range of educational material for children like short vowels, play and spell, antonyms, wild life books and encyclopedia. What’s more children read textbooks all round the year and it is fun to switch to comics, stories or adventure tales during vacations. Books written by Enid Blyton are a all-time favourite amongst children while the teenagers go for thrillers like Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. After all, books are one’s best friends and also inculcate some good reading habits in children. Despite the idiot box, children are heading off to libraries as the best thing is to start this habit is early. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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