Every election sees candidates promising voters the moon. Assembly elections too saw candidates both from various political parties and independents making many pledges to gain voters’ trust. Now that you have voted for your choice of candidate, you must keep a tab on the promises they have made and whether they are keeping the promises they made during their campaign season. As the D-Day of counting comes close, NMTV News dedicates this report only to those voters who came out of their homes and offices to cast their mandate. Take a look at the front-runners of Airoli, Belapur and Panvel, what they promised to you so that you can make sure that post the candidates’ promise-making, there are no political promise-breaking. Given the history of Indian politicians and the amount of broken promises that the electorate has had to deal with, we thought of listing the promises that candidates made in Assembly Elections 2009. In the absence of an accountability system, it’s the voters who should remember what their candidates promised them and whether the candidates who win fulfill their electoral promises. We bring to you the front-runners of Airoli, Belapur and Panvel – the promises they made and their priorities if elected as the MLA from your constituency. “BELAPUR CONSTITUENCY CANDIDATES AND PROMISES” The top three front-runners of the Belapur Constituency are Congress-NCP alliance candidate Ganesh Naik, BJP-Shiv Sena alliance candidate Suresh Haware and Congress Rebel Namdeo Bhagat. During the election, these candidates shared with NMTV News their future promises and vision for Belapur Constituency on NMTV’s “Straight Talk” / Amne Samne / Thet Bhet. “AIROLI CONSTITUENCY CANDIDATES AND PROMISES” The top two front-runners of the Airoli Constituency are Congress-NCP alliance candidate Ganesh Naik and Shiv Sena-BJP alliance candidate Vijay Chougule. During the election, we caught both these candidates on their future promises and vision for Airoli Constituency. Shiv Sena-BJP candidate Vijay Chougule has said that railways in Digha will be his top priority. “PANVEL CONSTITUENCY CANDIDATES AND PROMISES” In the Panvel Constituency, the top two contenders are Congress-NCP candidate Prashant Thakur and PWP candidate Balaram Patil. While change and progress for Panvel was promised by Prashant Thakur, PWP candidate Balaram Patil promised to address local issues. Several polls show clearly that voters are sick of politicians baiting voters with promises, and then switching direction when they win power. Every poll taken in the past decade that has asked voters about their concerns about government has shown clearly that “promise-breaking” and dishonesty in politics is a top concern. But this let’s lets make a difference, let’s vow to make MLAs accountable! This time post October 22, after the voter’s verdict is out, every voter who exercised their right to vote must keep a watch on their MLA’s performance, whether he keeps his promises or not and makes this a parameter of choosing the right candidate in the next elections, so that we can discourage promise-breaking and dishonesty in politics. Zeba Warsia NMTV News.

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