state-assembly-1CM ON POLLS DEBACLE IN NAVI MUMBAI The week began with Chief Minister Ashok Chavan addressing the media on Congress’s poor performance in NMMC Elections. The Chief Minister accepted that the party had performed below expectations and there was a need to change the local leadership in Navi Mumbai. FLORAL WELCOME TO GUARDIAN MINITER GANESH NAIK AT ASSEMBLY On the other hand State Excise and Non Conventional Minister Ganesh Naik and MLA Sandeep Naik were given a floral welcome by IAS officials of the Excise Dept. on NCP’s landslide victory in municipal polls. MNS MLAs too were seen congratulating Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik. Like we say, the Minister has a knack for keeping friends in opposition ranks. OPPOSITION TAKE ON SAND MAFIA The opposition MLCs in Vidha Parishad took up the matter of the increasing numbers of sand mafia that was leading to Crores of revenue loss for the State Revenue Dept. The members also raised the issue of residents of these areas facing health problems and inconvenience by unchecked and illegal sand dredging activities in the night. On the other hand MLC Jayant Patil who has faced allegations of sheltering sand mafia in Raigad defended sand dredgers and attacked the policy of the state. MLC JAYANT PATIL EXPOSES COPS PLAYING CARDS AT ASSEMBLY MLC Jayant Patil made a startling expose in the house by showing snaps of cops playing card. These cops were on duty at Vidhan Bhavan. Speaking to the media he informed that he had taken up the issue under “Right to Information” in the house. He added that the Speaker had told the house that this was an issue outside the house and so the state is to take action on it. STATE TO ISSUE NOTICES TO PLOT “DEFAULTERS” AT MIDC The opposition raised the issue of plots in MIDC allotted to industrialists lying without any activity in for years. The state has assured to send notices to these defaulters. OPPOSITION ATTACK R R PATIL FOR SCAMS AND IRREGULARITIES The opposition made several startling expose on the security front of the state. Opposition Leader Eknath Khadse demanded enquiries into the limouzine and Rs. 3000 Crore lottery scam of the state. He also raised the issue of the money contractors were depositing in the Rajeev Gandhi Foundation and this money was running in Crores and being given to stars like Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra and others. STING OPERATION CD MAKES ALLEGATIONS AGAINST R R PATIL BJP MLA Devendra Phadavnis presented a CD at the state assembly. Devendra Phadavnis said that the CD had a sting operation done on arms dealer Hasan Ali. He added that he has presented the CD to the state as facts that the latter should investigate. Phadavnis has demanded a narco test on Hasan Ali and other officials. PHADAVNIS MAKES STARTLING EXPOSE ON MICRO SCAN LAYING FIBRE OPTIC CABLES IN MUMBAI ILLEGALLY BJP MLA Devendra Phadavnis also made a startling expose on how a company named Micro Scan had laid 500 km fiber optic cables in Mumbai without any permission and just two of these cables were enough for a terrorist attack. He said that state has given Mumbai in the hands of terrorists. He said that despite the matter being brought to the attention of the state, no action has been taken. The issue of bullet proof jackets too continued to haunt the State Home Minister. ABU AZMI TARGETS SHARAD PAWAR ON WOOING VOTERS Samajwadi party MLA Abu Azmi attacked Sharad Pawar who had recently voiced the need for reserving homes for minority in MHADA Housing Projects. Azmi said that he Sharad Pawar has not fulfilled so many other promises they made to minority in the past. In an event in Mumbai Sharad Pawar had asked party workers to promote Marathi language. Abu Azmi attacked Pawar on this statement and said that Pawar’s spirits were high following NCP’s victory in Navi Mumbai and that’s why he was making such announcements. WOMEN SECURITY RAISED IN COUNCIL MLC Neelam Gorhe took up the issue of women security in the state assembly and demanded immediate measures by the state. CASTE POLITICS TAKEN TO SCHOOLS Shiv Sena Leader Ramdas Kadam raised the issue of the schools books in used in Central board schools. The history text books mention the name of great leaders along with Chatrapati SHivaji Maharaj, which comments on the caste that these leaders hail from. Ramdas Kadam demanded immediate action in the matter. His demand was supported by BJP MLC Vinod Tawde. INDUSTRIAL PLOTS IN NAVI MUMBAI LIE WASTE DESPITE ALLOTMENT The state assembly saw discussion on the thousands of acres of land given away to industrial houses a meager amount. Opposition Leader Eknath Khadse alleged that the plost given to big industrial houses like DLF, India Bulls, Raheja and others in Belapur and other parts of Navi Mumbai are lying waste the not being utilized by the companies yet. MAYHEM IN BOTH THE HOUSE ON BORDER DISPUTE This week the session ended with the decades-old Maharashtra – Karnataka boundary dispute figured in the Maharashtra Legislature, where the Assembly witnessed two adjournments, while the Council expressed solidarity with the Marathi- speaking people residing in the neighbouring state. After the protest Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, DCM Chaggan Bhujbal, Home Minister RR Patil, BJP MLA Vinod Tawde visited the delegation at Azad Maidan. Speaking to the media, Deputy Chief Minister Chaggan Bhujbal spoke on the boundary dispute to the media. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad and Dhiraj Mishra, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.

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