fire-savla-company-1The recent spate of fire cases in the industrial belt is a warning sign according to an expert of the field A V Sivasankaran. Navi Mumbai News brings to you an insight with this report. The fire and subsequent smoldering of material stocked at Turbhe’s Savla Food Co.’s go-down for nearly a week would have been a sensation in any other part of the world. Unfortunately, for Navi Mumbai – the matter is not getting the needed attention. Navi Mumbai News met High Court Advocate A V Sivasankaran – one of the 16 persons to have been trained in disaster management in Maharashtra after the Bhopal Gas tragedy. A resident, Sivasankaran emphasized and voiced concern about the recent spate of fire cases in the city. While pollution level is increasing exponentially, the authorities are looking the other way, says Sivasankaran adding that India is a land where the greatest chemical tragedy occurred known as the Hiroshima of Chemical Industry in the form of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy where 4000 persons perished in one life. This is a result of predatory corporate ambition resulting in terrible environment damage. Sighting the reasons for the unsuccessful attempts of fire fighting departments of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai to put out the fire at the five-storey industrial warehouse of Savla Food & Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd. which is still smoldering, Sivasankaran says that the present fire fighting officials are not trained in major hazard control and because the authorities do not have any information about the material stocked at the go-down, the quantity of the material and other needed information to tackle the situation. There isn’t a doubt that gross violation of fire safety norms has led to this situation. When Navi Mumbai News quested State Industries Minister Ashok Chavan about the concerning situation of Savla Food and Co., the Minister was unaware of the case. On the other hand, quested why the erring and faulting industries who violate fire safety norms are not brought to book, the Addtl. CEO of MIDC Tanaji Satre, he came out in defense of the industries. While in some cases the fire seems to be a result of violation of safety norms, in other it is the greed of grabbing land. The death of industries too is being eyed by the construction industry. There also talks that big industrial names have been taken over by construction big wigs and mafia. With authorities turning a blind eye to these questions and many industries forcefully or voluntarily pulling down shutters and shifting their base, a grave unemployment depression is bound to hit the city. Whether it is private housing societies, establishments or the industrial belt – gross violation of fire safety norms spells doom for the city.

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