dog&-pupYour worries for finding the nutritious food or the best accessories for your pets end here. The satellite city houses a unique shop especially for all animal lovers called the Dogs N Pups. From kittens to puppies, the shop offers this and much more. Step into the shop and you will feel that you have stepped in another world of cute little puppies and kittens with their cute little playthings. The Dogs N Pups shop is situated in sector 6 of Nerul and offers some rare breeds of toy puppies including their accessories like scratch board for your cat, edible bones and sticks, stuff toys, nutritious food of flour and biscuits, crowns, fancy belts and clothes exclusively for your pet. For the proprietor of the outlet, Vipesh Venu, the puppies were more of a hobby than a business. The shop has some rare imported breed of toy puppies like the Yorkshire terrier, the Shihtzu and Maltese which range from Rs 75000 to a lakh. Vipesh says that the most important factor to be remembered while keeping puppies is their grooming. The animals vaccinations while very important, are required only once in a year. Vipesh added that to ensure the authenticity of the breeds, he personally visits countries to import rare breeds. The shop also has a chart for you to know how much your dog should or should not weigh. Vipesh has made sure that the puppies on sale, which are kept in the shop itself live in an adaptable and hygiene atmosphere. He has designed the cages himself which comprises of proper ventilation, drainage and glass doors. The services provided at the ‘Dogs N Pups’ are gaining lot of attention not only among pet lovers of the city, but from Mumbai as well. Opened over a year back, Dogs N Pups has all the facilities required to look after the pets in international standards. With all that it has to offer, when you buy one of those cute puppies from Nerul’s Dog and Pup, you buy more. Because this store is a must visit for dog lovers and for those who don’t like dogs, come fall in love with them. Sana Warsia NMTV News.

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