diya-1Every human being is born with some or the other hobby that is unique. Makrand Kalindkar has one such hobby of collecting ‘diyas’ of different religions. As of today, he has collected more than 300 diyas. Every human being is born with different characteristics having different interests and hobbies. Makrand Kalindkar, who is an employee at Bank of India, has a hobby of collecting diyas and that of different religions. Today, at the age of 59, he has collected more than 300 diyas. The interesting part is, some of the diyas are of a are collection going back to 75 to 250 years. Some of the diyas cannot be found all over the world too. While his collections of diyas are majorly that of the Hindu religion, he also collected diyas of Parsi, Muslim, Christian and 8 other major religions. He also added that his family and friends helped him to a great extent in collecting these diyas. Makrand Kalindkar intends to complete his collection to a 1000. With cameraperson Vijay, Ajaz Khan for NMTV news.

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