haware2Remembering the well known builder late Satish Haware on his 4th death anniversary, rich tribute was paid to him in Navi Mumbai. A social gathering along with a special program was held at Vishnudas Bhave auditorium on the 4th death anniversary of late Satish Haware. The event was graced by many well known personalities which included social worker Sindhutai Sapkal, social activist Dr. Prakash Amte and Dr. Mandakini Amte, Mumbai University Ex Vice Chancellor Dr. Snehlata Deshmukh and poet Praveen Davney. Sindhutai stated that the Hawares were a very close part of her family. Magsese award winner Dr. Praksh Amte spoke on the works done by him for the society which included the development of the adivasis. On this day, the Haware family gave the life time achievement award to Dr. Prakash Amte, Dr. Mandakini Amte, and Sindhutai Sapkal. The family also donated an ambulance to the Dharashiv Solahpur Rahivasi Sangh on the day. Late Satish Haware’s dream of providing affordable homes to the middle class has been taken up by his wife Ujwala also the director of Haware group and Suresh Haware, the MD of Haware group. The tremendous appreciation and support received from the dignitaries along with some well known personality left the Haware family overwhelmed on the day. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Manisha Kumbhar for NMTV News. Earlier a blood donation camp was also organized in his remembrance at the office of Haware group. Many people participated in this blood donation camp thus paid homage to Satish Haware. Through this social service, Satish Haware was paid homage by his family members. His wife Ujwala Haware gave us more insight. We also spoke with Suresh Haware on the day. Late Satish Haware’s life will always stand tall as a towering lighthouse for every youth aspiring to achieve. Satish Haware was remembered on this day by his family and his well-wishers. Satish Haware’s journey as a village lad from a remote village, Pathrot in Vidarbha to the founding of the reputed Haware Engineers and Builders in Navi Mumbai, Thane, Mumbai and Raigad district is an inspiring saga of determination, discipline, perseverance, hard work, focus, culture and social commitment. Satish Haware was groomed into a citizen of substance by his father the revered freedom fighter Dadasahbe Haware, ably guided, supported and encouraged by his nuclear scientist brother Suresh Haware and positively motivated by his architect wife Ujwala. He imbibed family values, patriotism and social commitment for the less privileged from his grooming in the RSS discipline and the practical life of his father and brother Suresh Haware. Satish Haware’s brief 36 years schedule on this planet will inspire the modern youth to take big strides inspite of all possible bottlenecks and enjoy work as worship. When he failed in his XII standard in the first attempt, he found a soothing and encouraging push from his brother Suresh Haware. Hence instead of just clearing one subject in which he failed, he worked still harder and re-appeared for all the subjects and passed with flying colors. He then went on to complete his degree in architecture and take up small civil jobs till he grew in stature to work on bigger and bigger projects. His marriage to architect Ujwala provided the essential impetus to climb great professional heights. Remembering him, his wife Ujwala says that he was a person who believed in hard work and integrity. He added that Satish Haware used to always look into his health so that it never hinder his work. For Ujwala, her special memories with him were not just a day but all the eight and half year she spent with him. On this day his brothers Sanjay Haware, Praveen Haware and Suresh Haware too remembered him. Even his staff and employees spoke to NMTV News about their leader Satish Haware. BYTE Bureau report NMTV News.

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