namdeo-bhagat2Namdeo Bhagat – is a leader who needs no introduction atleast in Navi Mumbai. As the city celebrates their love and respect on his birthday we dedicate this special feature to mark his birthday. An orator par excellence, an experienced leader, a voice for public issues in NMMC, and one of the few names in Navi Mumbai politics that spells capable leadership – that’s how many would describe CIDCO Director and Navi Mumbai Congress Chief Namdeo Bhagat. The rise of his stature is politics has been a story of challenges and struggles over a period of 20 years. A native of Navi Mumbai – Namdeo Bhagat started off as a staunch party worker of the Congress party who worked only on social issues. The outstanding factor of Namdeo Bhagat’s success story is that he had no Godfather in politics and that’s why its only Namdeo’s Bhagat’s work that has been behind his rise as a Agri political leader of Navi Mumbai. He is known to have preserved and celebrated the Agri culture and traditions with locals and migrants with the Agri Koli Mahotsav. Besides that he has actively contributed to the education sector in Navi Mumbai through his school and children fests like Bal Mahotsav. No matter what challenges lay ahead of him – Nmadeo Bhagat is known to have taken them head on with confidence, focus and determination that today has made him being a CIDCO Director, a corporator and Standing Committee member in NMMC, Navi Mumbai Congress Chief and Akhil Bhartiya Koli Mahasangh’s President all at the same. Speaking to us, Namdeo Bhagat recalled how he started his journey as a Congress worker and who he looks up to in politics. Perhaps, Namdeo Bhagat’s potential is best seen from the fact that the Congress High Commands chose him to represent the public on the CIDCO Board of Directors. After months of working as an active CIDCO Director, Namdeo Bhagat shares how he has been working from his CIDCO office for development of Navi Mumbai. Today his work has made him a known name in Navi Mumbai so much that he is being projected within the Congress party as a competent candidate for the next assembly elections from Belapur constituency. The journey to creating an identity in politics for Namdeo Bhagat was made possible due to the untiring support from his family. On the other hand, his family members are proud of what Namdeo Bhagat has achieved despite the odds. Namdeo Bhagat’s work for welfare of the natives and his strong representation of public issues in NMMC besides his contribution to city’s development through his CIDCO office has earned him a strong following of supporters and well wishers in Navi Mumbai who want to make their leader’s birthday a special occasion. For all the love that his supporters are showering on him on his birthday, this is what Namdeo Bhagat has to say. NMTV News wishes Namdeo Bhagat new heights of success in his public life and wishes him health, happiness and prosperity on his birthday.


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