hellen-killer-2Hands That Express 2008 – a cultural event at Helen Keller institute for deaf & deaf blind brought smiles to special students. Deputy RTO Navi Mumbai Bharat Kalashkar and Amol Tope Employee Training Officer from Johnson & Johnson graced “Hands That Express 2008” – an event at Helen Keller Institute for Deaf & Deaf Blind in Mahape. Speaking about the event that marks the end of a learning year at the institute, the Principal Sampada Shevde said that the event was the beginning of beautiful things. While the audience was moved with the performances of the special students so was Deputy RTO Bharat Kalaskar. Pradip Sinha – a noted trainer for persons with disability, who is a disabled himself was also present on the occasion. He rose to fame post his role of doing behind the scene teaching to Rani Mukherjee in Bollywood flick Black. Special students shared a few words with NMTV News. The students annual craft work was also put up for sale at the exhibition corner. The exhibition was a display of immense talent and art by the special children who personify “can and able” attitude throughout. With cameraperson Rajendra, Jayanti Bamne for Navi Mumbai News.

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