library1The Comrade B T Randive Memorial Library situated at Agroli village in CBD Belapur is not just an invaluable KRITI for Navi Mumbai but has become a great source of information for the city. The Comrade B T Randive Memorial Library was founded in the year 1996 in Agroli village at Belapur. During the time of its foundation, the library housed only 400 books. However, some people associated with the Marxist Community Party donated some books here and slowly, variety of books became to take place on the shelves. Later on the library also received the support from the government and today this historical library proudly hosts 20,000 books. Tulsidas Pawar wishes that more and more people make use of the library and educate themselves. He stated that nowadays children were less attracted towards reading and the reason why the library did not have many children visiting it. The library comprises of various legendary books as well as books for children. Many students visit the library as it has 18 newspaper dailies. One of the students expressed how beneficial the library was to the locals. The library has however seen the good time and the bad times since its inception. In all, the Comrade B T Randive Memorial Library was not just an invaluable possession of Agroli village but has inturn made this small village a significant place. The library was built by the Comrade B T R Trust which also looks after its maintenance. The Bhavan where the library is situated also has the state division office of the Marxist Communist Party and many leaders of this party visit the library time and again. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.

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