libraryAt a time when communities are being divided in the name of languages, the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Library is giving out a message of oneness and unity. Known for being the venue of Mahatma Gandhi rallies during the partition of India and Pakistan, the library became the house of Hindi and Urdu books since that era. Ajaz Khan takes you on a tour of this historic library. Situated at Churni Road, this building was made in 1942 and post Independence, it was the venue where Mahatma Gandhi used to hold “Hindustani Campaign Meetings” to give out the message of communal harmony and brotherhood when the country was in a mayhem situation just after the partition. And so on 17th July 1967, this building became the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Library. The first book to be put here was Ibn Tamiya’s Siyasat Ilahiya and since then there’s been no looking back. Today the library houses more than 40116 books written in different languages by eminent writers – that too with utmost care. At a time when communities and minds are being divided in the name of language, there is a lot to be learnt from places like the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Library – where even today one can scent the thoughts and dreams of the Mahatma. With cameraperson Vijay Kharalkar, Ajaz Khan for NMTV News.

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