mango-garden1The Mango Garden at Belapur is one of the few gardens is the city which is well – maintained with proper pathways and lawns. But one of the unique features of the garden is the mango trees giving the space a relaxing, serene green zone. It is perhaps a place resident’s look forward to visiting. The Hedgewar Udyan famously known as the Mango Garden at sector 1A of Belapur is first of its kind in the city. A garden solely devoted to the cultivation of the mango tree. One can find fully grown mango trees with small, still to ripe mangoes hanging from them, which is generally seen during the months from February to July. A caretaker has been appointed by NMMC who takes responsibility for the fruit and sells them during season time. Walk past the mango trees, one can see a small pond with swans swimming through. The other side, down the slope of grass patches leads to the jogging track and going forward are the playthings for children. Many visitors stroll through the garden with their children and relax in the green atmosphere. Visitors shared that the garden was well-maintained and in good condition. The reason for the Mango Garden being one of the very few well maintained gardens in the city is that the alert citizens of the area visiting the garden regularly have ensured that NMMC administration does not neglect the garden. The only area that NMMC continues to neglect however is the sale of plants and saplings in the nursery at Mango Garden. One can see plastic packet potted plants aesthetically arranged in rows but they cannot be sold. The caretaker informed us that the nursery was developed a year back but they are still awaiting for a receipt book from NMMC to start the sale. They further informed that once the monsoon arrives; most of the plants will be taken away for re-planting and for free distribution, as is the regular practice. The nursery is open from 10 am to 6 pm, but while you can stand and stare and occasionally touch, you cannot buy. Leaving that aside, the Mango Garden of CBD undoubtedly is an example of how alert citizen’s participation in civic affairs ensure accountability of their taxes for better amenities like such gardens. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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