He came, he achieved, he served and he continues to Inspire. The life of the dynamic, vibrant late Satish Haware unfolds lessons in striving, achieving, self-esteem, confidence and humility. Life’s hardships and parental culture moulded Satish Haware’s character into a positive, purposeful idol. On his 5th death anniversary, NMTV News pays rich tribute to this late Satish Haware. Satish Haware came to Navi Mumbai from the remotest village – Pathrot in Vidarbha. He qualified as an architect and founded the Haware Empire in Navi Mumbai, which has now spread its wing over Mumbai, Thane and Raigad districts. He focused his professional attention to make the housing dream of the weaker sections a reality as also to show humane concern for the construction workers who built homes for others inspite of them being neglected and denied basic health and education. Though the heavens beckoned him at a very youthful age, his brief and worthy mortal existence will continue to inspire generations of youth to pursue purposeful living. Satish’s father Dadasahed Haware and his mother Leelabai raised their seven children in an atmosphere of hard work and patriotism without allowing the darkness of poverty loom over the household. It was probably these qualities that was imbibed into Satish Haware that he made hard work the main focus of his life. As a person, Satish was dynamic, energetic and vibrant. His colleague builders shared the same view about Satish Haware. Satish Haware always longed to do something for the society and he did. Through Haware group, he contributed immensely to the construction industry. Satish Haware was the first to introduce houses for the LIG and MIG group. Those who worked under him also recalled his charming personality and how it was working with him. As Pravin Davane, the author of Satish’s biographical book, “Surya Pernana Manoos,” puts it so aptly, “Some Minds are molded by reading noble characters and the lives of some become characters worth reading”. Satish’s life was full of hardships, yet he braved all storms steadily at a gradual pace with sincere, honest and determined effort and today is a great example of achievements and purposeful existence. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Shilpa Suryavanshi for NMTV News.

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