Every city has its own khaugalli or the food lane. Small food stalls are lined up promising you the best stomach treat and that too at reasonable cost. Metros like Mumbai, which is a hub for several people to stay and earn their livelihood also boasts of some of these famous khaugallis. Today we bring to you one such food lane in South Mumbai, which also provides you with lip smacking delicacies and of course at a cost that will again make your lips smack. Metropolitan cities are known for their hustles and bustles and one of the common things that you would find in these cities are Khau gallis or Food Lanes. Well, in Marathi, Khau means treat, a food treat; and Galli means lane, or street. So Khau Galli means Treat Street, or Food Lane. Call it what you like, for every town, neighborhood, locality, and person, has a favorite Khau Galli. We caught up with regular visitors to a khau galli at Churchgate. Being an afternoon, many hungry stomachs could be seen here to enjoy their favorite food at their favourite khaugalli. This khaugalli is located near Cross Maidan, on the lane connecting SNDT’s Sunderbai Hall to Fashion Street. One can relish the choicest of street food – Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, Misal, Juices, Chinese food, chaat, hot beverage and even non-veg delicacies and gravies. And of course it definitely boasts of having food at reasonable cost that every person can have his fill without burning his pocket too much. The reason behind this galli being popular is that it lies within the vicinity of a cross maidan, educational institutes and government offices. Mohan Shah, who is a shop owner here for more than 38 years informs that food lane was heer for more than 40 years and since then has been a favorite spot for foodies. One who visits here can never forget the taste that can be found only in these khaugallis something that can never be found in starry hotels.


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