Mumbai is known as a concrete jungle with huge buildings, flyovers and footpaths constructed all over the city. But still there are few places which provide evidence for the scenic beauty of the city. We take you today on a walk to Carter road, which has been over the years, developed into a beautiful spot for citizens to spend some time beside the sea. The lush greenery and a clean promenade along the 1.3 kms stretch of carter road, would tell you everything about the picturesque of this area. The most prominent among these features is the sea which is a spot of attraction for the visitors. Carter Road, a symbol of solitude in the 1960’s is today a bustling thoroughfare. The Taj Villa, an ancient bungalow is a silent spectator to the concrete development that spawns the coastline. The Promenade on Carter Road, is the result of the initiative and perseverance of the residents of the area. Created by private funds, it boasts of an annual festival, an open air amphitheatre, and preserved mangroves. Be it the sea view, the greenery, meeting friends, walking or just relaxing, everyone have their own reasons for coming to Carter road. With cameraperson Deepak Kamble, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV News.

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