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NMTV was launched in the year 1999, and is Maharashtra only accredited 24-hour, 7-day-a-week local cable news station of Navi Mumbai airing news bulletins and programs in English, Hindi and Marathi. NMTV represents the state-of-the-art in local television news coverage, delivering on a commitment of responsible and community-oriented journalism on an around-the-clock basis.


  1. explores issues, focuses on solutions and avoids sensationalism
  2. reflects the diversity and values of our community and expands our mutual understanding of them
  3. holds ourselves to high standards of journalism, business practices, and community service
  4. Learns the viewer’s respect through accurate, timely reporting and thoughtful consideration of their feedback.

We deliver THE VIEWER’S NEWS 24 hours a day.

Local politics, local management, local governance, local trend, local fashion, local crime.
Local news stations who once feared the Satellite news channels juggernauts are now competing with them with great success in terms of content, coverage & technology as they provide viewers with wealth of local coverage. Once the viewer is done watching international & national headlines, they then want to know the events and happenings going on in their own back yard. That is why viewers find local cable news stations as the richest, deepest and most timely sources for all news from the neighborhood.


NMTV has a varied range of programs each addressing a specific age group of people. It gives first priority to various people awareness programmes. It brings forth all the events that take place in the surroundings. The incident that has happened with one person can happen with other individuals and the solutions suggested for the same can help people face similar situations with ease.

In an era when News channels constantly compete with each other for increasing their TRP’s and Advertisement revenues NMTV has recognized four specific needs of its viewers and it strives day in day out to satisfy those needs. They can be listed as follows:

  1. To be aware of your RIGHTS and in case they are violated to prevent the same by taking the help of right redressal machinery.
  2. To know what their ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES are doing and to check whether they are performing their duties.
  3. To impart KNOWLEDGE regarding the latest developments taking place in the technological world, sports, healthcare, education system etc.
  4. To know about ANALYSIS from experts in business, policies, notifications etc.

NMTV caters to requirements of all kinds of people ranging from children to aged ones, housewives, businessmen, professionals, sports loving people, film fans etc. After all covering car chases, terrorist threats and the endless episodes of political back-biting can only sustain an audience for the time being. Today people look forward for enriching and constructive events and not the heart-breaking, pain-staking, destructive News.

NMTV telecasts news, events, happenings across from Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Panvel & Raigad to Mumbai – where in there is news that people of every age can use. Be it cookery shows for housewives, games and quiz for students, neighborhood corporate watch or regular coverage of events, incidents, business and entertainment.  The channel acts as a watchdog for city administrations, government institutions , BMC, NMMC, TMC and other local corporations that are functioning, for the promises made & everything that counts for joint progress and welfare of society & community at large.



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