SEZ--2Activists continue their battle against the SEZs this time by way of a seminar held at Goregaon. With its implementation beginning in several areas, the activists did not mince words about the disastrous impact the SEZs will have on the financial sector, the rural areas besides being a definite danger to the land’s safety and security. All of us know that SEZ would be nothing but a foreign territory within a country and privately owned. There will be no excise duty or Central Sales Tax, no labor laws applicable on SEZs. Even entry to the same would be restricted to the extent that even the Prime Minister would need to show identification to enter these zones. Many activists have been saying that these are zones of exploitation in which the government has sold land to the rich at throw away prices. When quested if like the BSE and realty market, in its entire probability terrorists fund would be pumped in this area too, he affirmed the same. It’s a shame for the state government as in a city where 51% children are mal-nutrition and farmer deaths are on a high rise, these zones will further strain the resources because as per the SEZ act it is mandatory for the government to provide SEZs with natural resources be it water and power. Another activist from Goa cited his thoughts on SEZs. Speaking about inspection of the applications received for plots of SEZs using the Right to Information Act, he gave some shocking revelations. With cameraperson Vikrant Baile, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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