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Actress Vidya Balan replaces the silk image with the pregnant one

Don’t be shocked if you see actress Vidya Balan, in any recent event, as the actress has already shed
her Silk Smitha character and have gone into an image of a pregnant woman. Vidya is getting ready
for her next film in which she is playing a role of a pregnant woman.

And to get into the depth of the role, the actress has already started what she always does. She has started
working on studying everything about a pregnant woman, what should they do, what they shouldn’t do,their
behavior, how do they feel and all. In fact she even got with doctors to get that pregnant bump.
Well, Vidya once again you have proved to your opponents and Bollywood the heights of your versatility. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV.

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