children-care-11Children Day while is a celebration of childrens, it is also a day which spreads awareness on the well-being and health of them. For the same, we met renowned pediatricians of the city to share their experience and concerns over the significant issues of child care especially as 45 percent of the population of India falls within the age group of neo- natal to eighteen years. Earlier only children upto 12 years of age were to be under the care of pediatricians. However in the year 2000 the Indian Academy of Pediatrics decided to develop a sub-specialty called the Adolescent Clinics where children aged between 12-18 years could be treated and taken care of, informed Dr. Praveen Jain, of CHILD HEALTH CENTRE, adding that parents of adolescents had a responsibility to be friendly with their young ones and have good rapport so that, they can talk about their problems rather than hide things and suffer. He said that parents should not exert pressure on them by having unrealistic expectations from them. Dr. Dinesh Lodha also of CHILD HEALTH CENTRE, Vashi, stated that children below 10 years have a tendency to suffer from predominantly Gastroenteritis. Dr. Lodha also runs his clinic in downtown Turbhe who says that the kinds of diseases in both the areas were similar but more acute and widespread in Turbhe due to inadequate sanitation and hygiene. As a message to the parents Dr Lodha advised that all drinking water should be boiled. Parents should ensure that the children should keep their hands very clean and specially their nails, which lodge a lot of dirt responsible for many infections. The surroundings should also be clean and no garbage should be thrown here and there, advised the doctor. Dr Vijay Yewle who has been practicing in Vashi for the last 21 years and has developed several sub-specialties at his Vashi Criticare Pediatric Specialty Hospital says that in the last decade there has been a huge paradigm shift where doctors are working on the preventive rather than the curative aspect of child care medicine. However, the problem faced was that the government provides 5 basic vaccines to the children all over India even in villages, as many as 40 to 50 percent do not avail of these vaccines like BCG, Polio and Measles. With cameraperson Vivek Gaikwad, Hema Lobo for NMTV News.

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