handicapIn order to ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to exercise their right to vote, including persons with disabilities – a Mumbai based NGO, under the initiative of Mumbai Sheriff Dr. Indu Shahani is attempting to provide the physically challenged every facility possible socially, religiously and in the field of education to bring them out of their homes to vote. Take a look. Very often, persons with disabilities miss their chance to exercise their right to vote due to the difficulties they face on voting day in terms of accessibility and convenience to reaching polling booths. To reach out to such special citizens, Mumbai based NGO “Adopt” under the headship of Mumbai Sheriff Dr. Indu Shahani has taken up the issue of persons with disabilities and their right to vote. And the NGO isn’t limiting their fight to the right to vote for special citizens but are extending the mission to providing good education, proper medical facilities, jobs and concession in transport to persons with disabilities. The NGO is demanding that 10% of the MP’s fund should be spent on for their welfare. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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