education-Chairman-1After a delay of a year, the election for the NMMC Education Committee Chairman and Deputy Chairman was finally held in NMMC headquarters, which was presided over by Mayor Sagar Naik. The candidate who won the election unopposed for the post of Chairman and Deputy Chairman were E A Patil and Rajashree Katkari. After a long wait, the NMMC’s Education Committee finally got its Chairman and Deputy Chairman. The election conducted in the NMMC headquarters, was presided over by Mayor Sagar Naik, in the presence of the members of the Education committee. No applications were received from the opposition party for the post of Chairman and Deputy Chairman which ensured that the NCP candidates got elected without any contest. For the Chairman of the Education Committee, E A Patil was elected unopposed while Rajashree Katkari was elected unopposed as the Deputy Chairperson. E A Patil, has a 29 year experience in teaching and was the Head of Department of accountancy for 24 years. He was also the former chairman of Mumbai University’s Board of Study in Accountancy. Keeping in mind his educational experience, the NCP chose a highly educated candidate, for the post of Chairman of the Education Committee. After being chosen as the Chairman of the Education Committee, E A Patil expressed his happiness about being given an opportunity to put to use his 29 years experience, in improving the Quality of Education in NMMC schools. E A Patil shared that there prime focus would be to ensure quality in education for NMMC schools along with implementing the policies. After taking the official charge as the Chairman of the Education Committee, E A Patil announced the name of Deputy Chairperson Rajshri Katkari. Rajshri Katkari is the first women to be nominated as a member of the Education Committee in NMMC’s history. The elections for the chairman and chairperson had been delayed for an year as the state government had not appointed two members on the committee who were finally named – S Prakash Srinivasan and Ashok Dhotre. The additional two members named were With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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