volvo-1There more good news for bus commuters. NMMT has introduced bus number 123 for its new service route from CBD to Dindoshi. The new bus service was officially commenced at the hands of State Excise and Non-Conventional Resources Minister Ganesh Naik at CBD Bus Depot. NMMT introduced its first bus service to Mumbai city by plying buses from CBD to Bandra. After receiving a good response from the commuters, it has decided to start service to another route – this time from CBD to Dindoshi. Bus number 123 of NMMT will be plying on this route. These buses, which have been acquired under the JNNURM Scheme will be plying on various routes in Mumbai. The bus service from CBD to Dindoshi was officially inaugurated at CBD Belapur Bus Depot at the hands of State Excise and Non-Conventional Resources Minister Ganesh Naik. Navi Mumbai Mayor Anjani Bhoir was also present during the ceremony. Ganesh Naik, along with other members enquired about the routes the buses will be plying to. While speaking to the media, Ganesh Naik stated that this service would not be profitable to the transport body but will be beneficial for the commuters as well. When questioned on how BEST makes creates hassles for NMMT in Mumbai, the Minister stated that instead of competing, BEST should focus on improving its service. He also opined that in order to tackle the tussle between BEST and NMMT, Transport Secretary and Transport Commissioner should have a talk with the respective officials and take a decision after listening to both the parties. NMMT Manager Jitendra Papalkar gave an insight about the routes of the new bus service. Further speaking about the new routes he stated that the transport body is thinking of plying some buses out of the 10 buses on Dadar route. He was positive that like the bus services to Bandra, if this one would receive a good response. When asked about the cold war between BEST and NMMT, he stated that they believe in healthy competition but their vision is to provide good and efficient service. As far as ticket fares are concerned, he indicated that they might consider increasing them. Soon after NMMT launched its AC Volvo bus services from CBD Belapur to Bandra, BEST too began AC bus service. Now that NMMT has planned to go to Dindoshi, there are chances that the competition between NMMT and BEST will continue. With cameraperson Dyaneshwar Mali, Monica Bhosale for NMTV News.

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