RelianceWhen it comes to the rich and influential, laws and rules are overlooked and twisted the benefit this class. This has been seen again as CIDCO sells parking space of Koperkhairane Railway Station to Reliance. The parking space of railway stations is meant for the commuters and general public but the same has been changed exclusively for Reliance. CIDCO has given away the entire parking lot to the industrial giant for rent to make commuting easy for Reliance employees and staff. Sources at CIDCO reveal that the rent being charged to Reliance for the parking space is a very meager amount as it is Rs. 1000 per month apart from the decision of giving away public parking space allegedly being illegal. When Navi Mumbai News team went to the parking area, the guards of duty informed us that no private vehicles, of commuters or non commuters cannot be allowed inside as the parking lot has been reserved for Reliance. Navi Mumbai News also spoke to the Chief Security Officer of Reliance Infocomm and another official who informed that CIDCO has rented them the parking lot. At CIDCO, Chief PRO Budhbhushan Gaekwad who feigned ignorance about the matter. Though CIDCO has always been criticized for its negligent and high handed attitude towards important city matters, the selling of a parking space to Reliance has created new heights of corruption and vested interests, say commuters. Reliance might not have liked the look the increasing number of vehicles parked in front of the gate was giving to DAKC, so they would have taken the parking lot of KK Railway Station on rent but for the common man, it is inconvenience and hassles all the way.

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