leechWhile we all are desperately waiting for the monsoons to arrive, summer is still here and beating the heat is high on our agenda. So, we head for aerated drinks or other beverages. But what we tend to ignore is that we can fight the heat in a much healthier way, that is, with fruits. Fruits not only provide us with the required fluids but also the electrolytes, which we lose while sweating and all this is taken care keeping the extra calories at bay. Excess of dehydration can cause headaches, dizziness, and loss of concentration and muscle cramping. So to counter this, summer provides us with a larger variety of fruits so that we can make up the lost fluids and electrolytes. Litchi is one of the most relished fruits. This one-seeded fruit with its juicy pulp is an attraction of the summer season. The heavenly taste of the fruit has always forced its lovers to yearn for more. Not only taste, litchi is also known for its nutritional value, it has a rich constituent of fats, protein, carbohydrates and various minerals. Litchi is an excellent table fruit. The nutritive value and pleasant flavour make its juice a delicacy. Though litchi is a table fruit all over the world, in China it is dried or canned and is popular as litchi nut. An excellent source of vitamin C, litchi provides protein, a fat, pectin and minerals like calcium, phosphorus and iron. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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