MCGM has decided to distribute biscuits instead of milk amongst municipal students till the third standard. The decision comes in wake of the incidents of students falling ill after consuming MCGM milk. For the last eight months, MCGM was not distributing milk to students studying till the third standard. The reason being that the incidents that took place in January and December when few students took to ill after consuming MCGM milk. While the supply was restored for the higher classes, it was kept in abeyance for students from these three classes as officials opined that children would find it difficult to consume and digest the 180 ml flavoured milk. Now MCGM has decided to distribute nutritious biscuits to these students. To attract students of municipal schools, MCGM had started a scheme under which students having attendance more that 80% would be given one rupee per day of the attendance. Last year, under this scheme around Rs 4 crore have been distributed amongst the students. There are around 5 lakhs students in MCGM schools. Many of these students hail from a weaker economical background and many have to leave their studies mid-year. To curb the drop out rate, MCGM had started the scheme of one rupee payment to students for each day of attendance. Under the scheme, those students having more than 80% attendance would be awarded with one rupee of each day of the attendance. Under this award fund, MCGM has spent around Rs 4 crore in the year 2008 out of the budgeted Rs 6 crore. With cameraperson Dhanse Mehboob, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.

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