congress-rebel-1After falling flat on their faces in the assembly elections, the Congress rebels who had formed the Navi Mumbai Congress Vikas Aghadi are now taking a U Turn and joining the Congress again. With the Congress rebels’ flop show in the assembly elections, its become a question of political survival for the Congress corporators to join the Congress again. It was a little before nominations filing of the assembly elections, that the Congress corporators united to rebel from the Congress party, tender their resignations and form the Navi Mumbai Vikas Aghadi to challenge the political might of Ganesh Naik in Navi Mumbai. The Congress corporators who had decided to rebel has spoken to the media stating why they had decided to resign from the Congress party. However, the over confidence of the Congress corporators resulted them in falling flat on their face when the results was declared and both Ganesh Naik and Sandeep Naik were elected as MLAs from Belapur and Airoli. Much to the disappointment of the Congress rebels, Ganesh Naik ensured a smooth victory for himself and his son proving that the Congress rebels stance had no impact on the election results. Post their flop show, the Congress rebels in true political style of changing colours are taking a U-Turn and rushing back under the umbrella of the Congress party. NMTV News spoke with some of the rebel Congress corporators and sensed how these rebels had misled the public about their reasons to quit Congress and are going back to the Congress to ensure their political survival. These rebel Congress corporators have written letters of apology for their mistake of rebelling against the party’s official candidate Ganesh Naik and submitted their letters to State President Manikrao Thackre. To show solidarity to Namdeo Bhagat, these Congress rebels have also decided to support Bhagat’s name as District Chief. The blame game of the defeat has also begun. Supporters of the rebel candidates are alleging that the enthusiasm that Congress corporators showed while resigning from the party together was not evident in getting votes. Some also say that, at many levels some Congress workers were working for NCP. The Congress corporators are however refuting these allegations. Despite all their attempts to defeat Ganesh Naik, with one MP son and one MLA son, and himself a cabinet minister Ganesh Naik has become political force to reckon with in the region. The Congress rebels know that their game plan has backfired. Especially for Namdeo Bhagat, who contested against Ganesh Naik as Congress rebel from Belapur. Many observers say that Namdeo Bhagat got carried away with his victory of municipal by-elections of Kusksheth village when despite the might of Ganesh Naik, Namdeo Bhagat had won. This victory against Ganesh Naik made Namdeo Bhagat believe that he was ready to take on Ganesh Naik in Navi Mumbai as well and for this he put the entire Navi Mumbai Congress party at stake. But as the results show, Namdeo Bhagat couldn’t be more wrong. Even prior to the elections, Ganesh Naik was confident that the Congress rebel factor would have no impact on the electoral results. On NMTV’s talk show with Managing Editor Zeba Warsia, Ganesh Naik had shared how Congress corporators had come to him for anyone candidature from Navi Mumbai but Ganesh Naik had advised them to get the same from Congress high commands. And the Congress corporators went to Delhi to meet the party high commands for the candidature but in vague. When the high command of the Congress party placed no faith in Congress corporators and decided to not given them candidature from Navi Mumbai, how could voters trust them – is a million dollar question that only the Congress corporators of Navi Mumbai can answer. With bureau inputs, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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