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After Prince Harry, now Kate Middleton been exposed topless, does that mean that the Royals are taking their positions lightly and irresponsibly

Kate Middleton had been photographed when she was sunbathing with her husband Prince William on the terrace when she was been shot through long lens and then her topless photographs as can been guessed were everywhere in the news. Now, Kate Middleton has filed a lawsuit against the newspaper who had taken the initiative in this matter, but the question is, what was she expecting?

According to Kate Middleton she was on her terrace along with her husband and so her privacy should had been respected, but knowing her position was it right for her to step out like this in open? She should have understood the fact that since she is labelled under the Royals category, any of her activities would pull attention and will also have its effects. So, like they say, better be careful than sorry! Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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