sandeep-t-1Finding logic and reason in the objections made by the citizens, Commissioner Bhaskar Wankhede advised his department to include knowledgeable citizens before issuing such notices. We met with social activist Sandeep Thakur who was present during the public hearing and gave us details on the same. While the General Body had passed the proposal for amending the GDCR to regularize the buildings at sector 17 Vashi, the recent public hearing on the proposal may most likely drop the proposal. The public hearing on the case was held in NMMC HQ at the Commissioner Bhaskar Wankhede’s Office where two citizens were present to raise their objections on regularizing 2FSI for buildings at sector 17. One of the citizens present for the hearing was social activist Sandeep Thakur. Also present at that time was NMMC Commissioner Bhaskar Wankhede along with Town Planning Officials. Speaking to NMTV News Deputy Editor Sana Warsia, Sandeep Thakur said that he informed the Commissioner how the notice issued was completely a tainted one. He further added that regularizing illegalities was not the solution as then one would consume 3 FSI illegal and then try to amend the GDCR to accommodate the illegality. One of the fears of regularizing 2 FSI for buildings at sector 17, Vashi is that it would impact the redevelopment of buildings in the entire of Navi Mumbai allowing 2 FSI not knowing if the city can bear the additional infrastructure burden. In fact, the objection raised by the other citizen was that if buildings at sector 17 were legally getting 2FSI, then why not the entire city. Sandeep Thakur also brought to the attention of the Commissioner that the NMMC had not verified if the buildings actually required re-development or not. He expressed confidence that after hearing his objections, the Commissioner will not pursue the proposal further. In fact, after hearing Sandeep Thakur’s case, NMMC Commissioner Bhaskar Wankhede told his department to have discussions with persons who are knowledgeable about the proposal before issuing the notices. If there are alert citizen like Sandeep Thakur then the city can be saved from the clutches of greedy and selfish wolves who are constantly conspiring against public interest in Navi Mumbai. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.


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