namdev-bhagat-1After their poor show in the municipal polls, political sources reveal that the Navi Mumbai Congress Chief Namdeo Bhagat and Shiv Sena Chief Vijay Chougule might be forced to resign owning responsibility for their flop show in NMMC elections. Fighting the elections without an alliance with NCP has exposed how weak the Congress is in Navi Mumbai. Not only has their numbers gone down from the 17 of the municipal elections of 2004 to 13 this time but the top leaders of Congress in Navi Mumbai have lost these elections too. The blunders of the Navi Mumbai Congress began with the assembly elections when the party chose to rebel against Congress’ high commands decisions to fight the assembly elections as Navi Mumbai Congress Vikas Aghadi. In that election too, both the rebel Congress candidates failed to create any impact and mustered negligible votes. Instead of doing correction of this blunder, the Navi Mumbai Congress continued it into the municipal polls as well as they chose to fight the elections with an alliance with NCP. Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik, in an exclusive interview with NMTV Editor-in-Chief Dr. Ravi Subbaiah had informed that the NCP and Congress did not fight elections in an alliance as the Navi Mumbai Congress did not want it. This decision of the Navi Mumbai Congress has cost them dear in municipal polls as the NCP has emerged stronger than ever and Congress weaker than ever. To begin with Congress could field only 84 candidates in the 89 wards. And city chief Namdeo Bhagat who had rebelled during the assembly polls with the sole reason of Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik’s dynastic rule politics gave five tickets in municipal polls to members of his own family. This upset and divided the Congress more. Unfortunately even Chief Minister Ashok Chavan failed to get a first hand report about ground reality of the Congress in Navi Mumbai before coming to the city for election campaigns. Evidently, after the results, the Chief Minister is in the line of fire from top congress leaders and facing flak for the Congress’s poor show in Navi Mumbai. And the Chief Minister has no options but to accept that the performance of Congress has been poor in Navi Mumbai and there is a need to make the party stronger from grass root up. Political sources inform that the party high commands in the state are considering a change of leadership for the Congress in Navi Mumbai. There are chances that Navi Mumbai District Chief Namdeo Bhagat might be forced to resign from his post owing responsibility of the Congress party’s poor show in Navi Mumbai on moral grounds. Even Chief Minister Ashok Chavan said hinted at this while speaking to the media at the on going assembly sessions. There are talks that the front runners of the next Navi Mumbai Congress Chief could be Haribans Singh or Santosh Shetty. Just like Kripashankar Singh revived Congress in Mumbai, Haribans Singh holds similar promise for Navi Mumbai Congress. On the other hand similar speculations are also rife about the Navi Mumbai Shiv Sena Chief Vijay Chougule. There are talks that Vijay Chougule might be forced to resign as the Navi Mumbai Shiv Sena Chief owing responsibility of the party not performing as per expectations. The party has already been facing embarrassment for their district chief holding the dubious record of losing parliamentary, assembly and municipal polls. Although they might be patting their backs for increasing the numbers of corporators in comparison to 2004 municipal polls but the reality is the main credit for this goes to Vijay Mane who successfully created a dent in the Congress and NCP vote banks and under his charge got three candidates elected – Ratan Mandve, Dilip Ghodekar and Satish Ramane. Vijay Chougule has failed to keep the flocks of Sena together and staunch Sena supporters like Sushma Dande, Vithal More, Shivram Patil, Anant Sutar and Ashtvinayak Group have defected from the party while other Sainiks like Atul Kulkarni have been sidelined which has effected the prospects of the Shiv Sena in Navi Mumbai. That is why there are chances that the rising Sena strongman of Navi Mumbai Vijay Mane might be given charge as the Navi Mumbai Shiv Sena chief. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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