nm-votingPolling percentage in Airoli, Belapur, Uran and Panvel can be termed as good. Except for Belapur, all other constituencies have registered polling percentage above 50%. Like all over Maharashtra and nearby city Mumbai, Navi Mumbai too has come out to vote in decent numbers compared to May polls, leaving a problem for politicians. Their worry: is this good for us or bad? Either way, the numbers are higher than the 41.4% seen during the Lok Sabha polls, and this could make all the difference between a clear victory for the Congress-NCP alliance, as one exit poll has predicted, and a hung assembly that necessitates post-poll wheeling and dealing. Who did the extra votes go to? Was it the Raj Thackeray factor that brought out the extra vote in Mumbai, or was it the rebel factor that boosted numbers in the rest of the state? The former should worry the Sena-BJP, the latter the Congress-NCP. Then there is the joker in the pack: how did the third front, comprising the RPI, Samajwadi Party and Communists, fare? Both the principal alliances admit in private that the votes polled by the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), the NCP rebels and third front could drastically alter the results. The 44.5% votes polled in Mumbai has kept both sides guessing. The internal assessment of the Congress is that it will cross 75 seats if the MNS polls 6-8% votes. For its part, the NCP has interpreted the normal voting turnout outside Mumbai as a vote for status quo, giving it 55-60 seats. The Sena-BJP group argues that the thing to watch is the rebels’ performance. As far as Navi Mumbai is concerned, polling percentage in Airoli, Belapur, Uran and Panvel can be termed as good and reflect well on the awareness that voters demonstrated in exercising their right to vote. The polling percentage has been : POLLING PERCENTAGE AIROLI – 51% BELAPUR – 48% URAN – 53% PANVEL – 62% After V – Day, it the D-Day of October 22 that everyone awaits for the curtain to fall down on the suspense that stays after every voting day. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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