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Aishwarya, The Young Environment Crusader Determined To Save Uran’s Panje Wetlands

She has already shined bright as one of the youngest nature lovers, conservationists and environmentalists globally. And now she has taken up a mission that one would have expected our MLAs or eminent environmentalists to take. Aishwarya Sridhar wants Panje wetlands in Uran to be declared wetland so that they be saved. Home to many species and migratory birds who make the wetlands their home during winters, Panje faces threat as it has become a hurdle for the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport. The wetlands were to be declared a bird sanctuary by the state long ago until it struck the state aviation experts that a bird sanctuary will spell disaster for the airport that will have aircrafts landing and take off from the same channel that will house the bird sanctuary. In her mission to expedite the process to declare Panje a bird sanctuary, Aishwarya has made a film. Sharing the trailer exclusively with NMTV, Aishwarya says that she chose the day of July 26, International Mangrove Day to launch the trailer.

She goes on to share how she has witnessed Uran turn from a place full of water bodies and nature’s beauty to a concrete jungle.

Aishwarya says that her parents are her inspiration to take up issues of conserving nature and saving environment.

And its not like Aishwarya made the trailer overnight. The young envrionment champion has waited year after year to gather some exclusive footage of birds and species that make Panje their home each year.

Aishwarya’s battle is not an easy one. In her mission to declare Panje a bird sanctuary, she is fighting against a powerful lobby of land mafia, politicians and capitalists who want to wipe out Panje wetland and exploit the commercial benefits of the Navi Mumbai International Airport and its neighborhood. Bureau report – NMTV News.


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