seawood-pond-4The residents of NRI complex in Seawoods showed how people’s movement can in fact correct the wrong doing of government bodies. Two trucks illegal carrying debris were shown the way out by these residents when it had come to dump debris on the natural body near their complex. It maybe recalled that the residents here had earlier alleged that CIDCO was filling this water body for vested interests. Sana Warsia brings an update on this report. Looks like the latest target of CIDCO and land mafia is the water body next to Seawoods Estate NRI Complex besides DPS School where debris is being illegally dumped to give way to a plot. Speaking with NMTV News, the residents here alleged how slyly CIDCO was carrying out the job of dumping debris at the natural body, systematically killing the fishing business and de-balancing the ecological system. However, the trucks making their way to the water body to dumb debris had to face the wrath of locals who showed them the way out when the residents came together and forced it to take a u-turn. It so happened that the trucks did not have any permission letter for dumping the debris. One of the residents informed that when they had contacted CIDCO about this issue, a CIDCO official visited the site and claimed that they had permission to fill the land with the debris coming out of the construction of NRI Phase II. The residents then contacted the Bombay Environmental Action Group. The later filed a report with the Konkan Commissioner that states that any development in the area will kill mangroves here. Post this inspection CIDCO has not responded to the residents query at all, the resident said. The unanimous opinion of the residents was that CIDCO, the planning body of the city was merely doing it for monetary benefits. The residents say that they will fight till the end and will file a PIL if their appeal is not heard. Like is being witnessed in other nodes in Navi Mumbai, while there was concern that even this water body of the city is going to be massacred for commercial benefit but now the alert interference of residents of Seawoods Estate NRI Complex there’s hope that atleast this pond in Nerul will not become victim of the land mafia or CIDCO. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV news.


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