voter-deadA resident of Malvani area in Mumbai was surprised when it was discovered at the voting center that as per the voting list she is not alive anymore. You have heard stories of eligible names not enrolled on voters’ list but this one is perhaps first. Sarita Jethlal Gala, a resident of Malvani in Mumbai is hail and hearty but if the Election Commission record is anything to go by, she isn’t alive. Sarita was surprised when she reached the polling booth and was told that as per the voters list she was dead. Due to this she was unable to cast her vote this time. She informed that her husband, Jethlal Gala expired in 2005 and the election commission along with her husband declared her dead. What can we say about this? Due to the carelessness of the Election commission, not only the lady was deprived of her right to vote but has given her a mental shock too – that she is dead. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Mushtaq Khan for NMTV News.

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