All for a cause ! Brett lee’s day out with underpriveleged kids !

They slogged in the nets and not just Indian players but cricketers from around the world were caught practicing for matches ahead of their games. However, it was kkr player bret lee who seemed to have won most hearts and admirers. It might have been an off season for him on field, but off the field he was spotted doing all the right things. From entertaining crowds in malls to spending time with kids in slums, brett lee proved that he is indeed a rock star !
The media was quick to ask him how he felt being in India. Like anyone who knows srk up, close and personal, even brett lee has become a fan of his team owner. With such good looks and charm, would he play a role in bollywood? Yes, says brett lee.

While all cricketers were seen at events that can be termed as commercial ventures, brett lee also did what no other player was doing – spending time with the underprivileged. Speaking about spending time with kids in slums, lee said that every child should be given a chance. Lee says that he loved playing music as it heals while the faces of children touched his heart ! With more than 50% Indian living below poverty line, Indian players do not seem to have the heart to do something for the underprivileged and are never spotted doing any such thing that brett lee did and won the hearts of all ! With cameraperson raju sharma, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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