A man allegedly committed suicide inside the toilet of the lock-up at Kalamboli police station in Navi Mumbai. Sources however allege that it wasn’t suicide but merciless beating up by a few drunken officers on duty that killed Qadir Sheikh. According to the Kalamboli police, the victim, Mumbra resident Qadir Ali Razak Sheikh aged 34, was arrested on charges of theft by the Taloja police on March 26. The Kalamboli police sought his custody on March 29. The police claim that around 6.30 am on Sunday, he told policemen that he needed to use the toilet. He committed suicide inside the toilet to hang himself, according to the Kalamboli police. Sheikh was taken to hospital where he was declared dead on arrival. However since no suicide note was recovered there are many speculations about the cause of deaths. One being that the victim died after being brutally assaulted by drunken police officers. Another shocker of the incident was that despite the death of the victim early morning, the family was not informed about it till late afternoon. The police say that Qadir was wanted in most crime cases but if that was the case then why would he commit suicide for a case of petty theft? More over, suspicion also comes from the fact that out of the two lock ups, 7 accused were kept in one lock up and Qadir was kept alone in another. The SPI of Kalamboli Police Station B R Patil who is known for high handedness with the media and common public, refused to speak to the media on the occasion about any of the speculations. From Kalamboli, with cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.

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