sucide1The Nerul police forcing a disabled woman out of her home, the CBD police dismissing the murder of a woman by her in-laws as an accidental death and now a 24-year-old girl committing suicide due to the failure of the Navi Mumbai police to take action against her family’s complaints – all raises allegations of how the police-criminal nexus is affecting policing in Navi Mumbai. In the case of the Saujanya’ suicide, the girl’s family has made serious allegations against the Navi Mumbai police stating that despite repeated complaints and appeals to the Navi Mumbai police about alleged harassment of the girl and her family by local corporator Rupali Sanas’s brother-in-law Daji Sanas and his goons, the police never took any action. Saujanya’s mother had approached the Navi Mumbai police to file a complaint against NCP corporator Rupali Sanas’s husband Vilas Sanas, her brother in law Daji Sanas and their goons for purposely harassing the Jadhav family girls and even physically assaulting them. Matters worsened to such an extent that the girl kept on persisting to her mother that they should change their residence until finally Saujanya consumed sleeping pills and committed suicide. Had the Navi Mumbai Shiv Sena Chief Vijay Chougule not intervened in the matter, the police would have continued to take no action. Failure of policing in Navi Mumbai is nothing new – but the recent graph is worrisome because all the alleged police-criminal nexus is doing injustice to women in the city. The Navi Mumbai police investigating the matter have nothing but another assurance to give the media and the victim’s family. After the Bhise scam, the Jadhav suicide case has once again brought the NCP party in bad light. However, Thane Guardian Minister and NCP Supremo Ganesh Naik is clear that whether from the NCP party or not, anyone harassed should get justice and the person harassing should be punished but only after the crime is proven. Be it the case of the disabled woman in Nerul, the murder of a woman by her in-laws in CBD or the girl committing suicide in Koperkhairane, all reflects on how human rights are continuously being violated under the nose of the very custodians of law and order. Unfortunately, in the city of the 21st century, all women organizations instead of fighting against injustice to women, women NGOs in Navi Mumbai are only working to get plots, organizing felicitation programs or merely working for publicity. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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